It is the great honour to welcome on our site. Since 2013, the brand CALORhas suported customers by it’s knowledge up to produce, delivery and installation of heat pumps.In 2017 there have been completed works on CALOR AIR Monoblock (air/water) heat pumps new models, which are available with full invertercompressors, cooling mode, innovative of improving effectiveness COP systemCOPbooster +20%, smart controlling system WEBcontrol, noise level reduction system dBControlLimit 51dB and refrigerant amount reduction system REFred (... more CALOR AIR INNOVATIONS).  The excellent inverter heat pumps CALOR AIR Monoblock parameters allows to install them in:

-in semi-detached or terraced houses with small parcel surface

-in the spa and leisure areas (low noise level)

-remote control and measurement WEBcontrol

-avoiding duty to annual heat pump control (R-410A refrigerant amount up to 3,0kg)

-adaptation of heating power to a building demands (inverter)

-5-years warranty

There are also heat pumps (ground/water) type CALOR ERDEin our offer and assembly services for complete installations.

CALOR offer is directed to the most demanding customers. We are at you service.CALOR team