CALOR AIR Monoblock (air/water)  heat pumps are built according to the lastest technical solutions. Ebmpapst fans, full inverter compressors, SEST-LUVE evaporators, smart controlling systems with connection to the Internet, cooling mode. All of them are a norm for a high-class devices. Our engineers team have had ambitions to go much more further, setting a new standardsfor this class of devices.

Refrigerant Amount Reduction  - REFred

The amount of the Refrigerant R-410A. Due to new legal regulations, popularity of the Refrigerant R-410A is limited. Is is not commonly known that amount of the refrigerant in heat pumps is submitted to the strict control. Therefore, it is recommended to become interested in that topic when buying a heat pump. All CALOR AIR Monoblock models contain less than 3,0 kg of the Refrigerant R-410A. Hence these devices are not submitted to the control, amongst others:

-duty to register devices  and refrigerant amount control,

-duty to annual heat pump control by technical inspection authority. It costs 300 EURO per Year, which should be put among operating costs. 

High COP factor interrelates in many structures with increase of amount of the refrigerant in a heat pump. The reduction of the amount of the refrigerant in the CALOR AIR heat pumps is possible thanks to the inner  architecture of the evaporators cooper pipes, called REFred. Due to a grooved interior of the evaporator cooper pipes and a system of individually designed and patented deflectors it is possible to reduce by 50% the amount of the refrigerant without changes in work parameters of the heat pump system. 

Excellent COP parameters - COPbooster

In CALOR AIR Monoblock heat pumps are used inverter solutions, thanks to which devices customize heating power to current building requisition. Patented in 2017 COPboostertechnology relies on refrigerant flow and expansion control in the horizontal heat pump evaporator, thanks to which evaporators work by 20% more effectivelyproviding full inverter compressors an additional efficiency.Evaporators used in traditional air/water heat pumps (DX technology) use their power only in 30%. It happens due to too quick refrigerant expansion in the evaporator. COPbooster system completely controls this, thanks to which the heat pump evaporator works in a stabile way, providing better effectiveness during heating, but also in the defrost and cooling modes. COPbooster system is available also for an on-off type models.

traditional eveporator                                          COPbooster

Noise level reduction  - dBControl Limit

The reduction of a noise level is one of the biggest challenges for modern air/water heat pumps. There are solutions on the market where the the noise level, measured in dB, comes up to 60 decibels. It is worth to pay attention, that that noise is not only burdensome for household, but there are many legal regulations recently made which bring many restricts in that area. CALOR AIR Monoblock steps out the highest noise requirements (spa and leisure areas). The special architecture of evaporator lamellas dBControl Limit, created with SEST-LUVE engineers (a gap between lammellae - 4,5 mm) andEbmpapst fans reduce noise level to 51 decibels dBA(measured 1 meter from an evaporator). Very important of dBControl Limit is a construction. There is a fan inside an unit and air is supplied by a special designed vertical air inlet by the 500 mm length. The construction like that causes that whole housing absorbs sounds and vibrations of a compressor and a fan. CALOR AIR heat pumps stand out due to the lowest noise level among other pumps available on the market. There could be asked a question, why the brand CALOR is focused on that topic so much. There are noise level requirements, which restrict users possibilities in installation of heat pumps. This restriction is measured by the distance between device and boundaries of a parcel. High level of the generated noise (for example 60 decibels dBA) causes that the heat pump may be installed in the 10 meters distance of the parcel boundaries ( Q4 direction factor) . The choice of CALOR AIR offer means possibility of a heat pump installation close to the boundary of the parcel, even in a dense urban development like semi-detached or terraced houses. Minimal distance for a Q2 and Q4 direction factors is 2 meters and for a Q8 direction factor is 4 meters.