Manufacturing Plant

State of art heat exchangers
(L-shaped U-shaped)  used for heating/cooling in DX applications was specially designed for R-290 (Propan) refrigerant, thanks to grooved - copper tubes . Louvered fins and special (patented) deflectors  are able do reduce  refrigerant charge up to 50% and increase efficency/cooling capacity.
Our heat exchangers custom projects not only include number of rows and circuts , fin space, tube diameter and R-290 refrigerant side / air side parameters but also air/water heat pump shape and EC fan localisation.  

PCT patented bars called deflectors (ready with R-32, R-1234,NH3,CO2 refrigerants) reduce refrigerant charge and change refrigerant expansion inside the heat exchanger tubes , thats why our heat exchangers are so powerfull. Special design of refrigerant distributor guarantee lubricant recover even in inverter designs.